Monday, September 19, 2011

Very Ape and Very Nice

I think about twenty years ago and I wonder where I would be now if I wasn't such a good kid or if I wasn't so in love with whatever girlfriend I was dating at the time. I would have left Niagara Falls sooner. I would have ran away from all of my issues and problems that I thought I had.

I would have went to Seattle or San Fransisco or Austin.

If I knew most of my friends were going to die or leave or change, maybe I wouldn't have invested so much love into them. If I knew Kurt was going to kill himself and with him the entire grunge scene, maybe I would have tried to do something different. Maybe I would have been a better person. Maybe I would have cut my hair sooner.

When I graduated high school there was three things I could have done: backpacked across the country, started a band (or joined one of the bands that asked me to sing for them), or go to college. Sometimes I kick myself for doing the latter. Sometimes I hate myself for taking the road that everyone wanted me to take.

But where would I be now?
But who would I be now?

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