Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Post

No one reads Sunday newspapers for any breaking news. I used to work at a convenience store at night and over half of the Sunday paper would get delivered Saturday evening. It is mostly filler: coupons and Op-Ed pieces and celebrity news.

Politicians and newsmakers of all kinds know that no one really reads the Sunday paper, so they don't make any major announcements over the weekend. And blogs aren't any different.

I am not going to write about anything groundbreaking or exciting today. I am writing for the sake of writing. I am writing to write. Writing makes me happy. Writing helps me forget about the crap of life. So instead of writing something award winning or something that friends and family will pass around for days and weeks to come, I am writing something to keep my blog active.

Or maybe, because I know no one reads Sunday posts for anything earth-shattering, I should write about something important. Maybe I should unveil some dramatic tidbit. Maybe today is the day I blow everyone's freaking minds!

I once killed a man.

I am announcing my intentions to run for mayor.

I am going to become a doctor.

I actually did have sexual relations with that woman.

I have super powers.

One of the above headlines are true.

You decide.

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