Friday, April 15, 2011

Scene From A Barstool

Me: So did you end up going fishing today?

Him: No. Too cold today. Chuckie called me up to go, but it was just too damn cold.

Me: Yeah.

Him: Next time we go, you wanna come?

Me: Oh, I don't fish. I--

Him: --What?!?

Me: --I've been with people while they fished, but I have never done it myself... I go with my cousin to the Wilson Pier or down over here under the bridge. Sometimes to--

Him: I can't believe you've never been fishin'.

Me: Yeah. Well...

Him: Your old man never took you out fishin'?

Me: No, he's not really a fishing kind of guy... my grandpa was going to take me out when I got old enough to get my fishing license, but he passed away before--

Him: You're really missin' out... I can't believe your dad never took you out fishin'! You gotta go get your license.

Me: Yeah?

Him: Definitely. Go down to K-Mart, pay the twenty nine bucks, and then I'll take you out.

Me: Well I don't really have a pole or a hat with lures all over it or--

Him: Doesn't matter. Next week, Chuckie, he'll call me up and he'll tell me we're goin' fishin' and I'll tell him you're comin' along with. You come with us and we'll show you how it's done. I'll give you a pole to use.

Me: Okay, well--

Him: You don't know what you're missin'!

Me: Yeah..?

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