Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been seeing a lot of babies (with their mothers or fathers) out at the store or in the park or on television. I seem to see babies more in the spring. Or maybe I just notice them more in the spring? Most all of them suck on that rubber thing. Some call it a "nipple" which I always have a hard time saying. Others call it a "binky." But its scientific name is a pacifier.

People give these to babies when they cry too much or when they are hungry or thirsty. It literally pacifies them and appeases them so they start crying. I know this is not a new invention, but I guess it just clicked in my head what these were all about. And it got me to thinking...

Is there a grown-up version of this device?

Is there something that you could give a grown-up that would take their mind off of their hunger or off of their bad mood or off of the fact that they could use a drink? My first thought was beer, but then again, that's always my first thought. And you can't just drink a beer where ever and when ever you want. Then I thought about bubble gum. Can that pacify a person and make them forget they're hungry? Possibly. But I have never met a stick of gum that has gotten my mind off of my bad mood.

So now I'm throwing it out to you.
What are your thoughts on what a grown-up pacifier would be?

Give your answers in the comments section.


  1. Coffee. It helps me forget hunger, thirst, tiredness, boredom, malaise. Just the smell, usually, is enough to pacify me a little.

  2. I didn't think of coffee!

    Probably because I gave the "junk" up almost a year ago (go me!).

    But I agree. It was a good hunger suppressor, as well as boredom!