Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning at Camp

Beyobd the slught breeze I feel the warmth of a late-morning fire. Or maybe it's the sun that has finally shoved its way through the clouds. It's a perfect day at camp.

I can hear the kids running around and playing. Samantha is trying to be a sneaky bully to Madison and Mariah, but she's not as slick as she thinks and soon all three of the five year holds are crying. Alexandria & her boy friend are trying to have some alone time, but her step-father isn't having it. She starts to throw a tantrum but rethinks her actions, realizing that she still has over two days at camp.

Camp can be miserable for the teenagers if they get privileges taken away.

Journey comes trickling through my uncle's campin. (A combination of camper & cabin.) Last night by the fire both of my uncles had a radio duel: one would turn on country music, then the other would turn on Foreigner a little louder. Then the country western would get a bit louder. This went on for about an hour until my aunt yelled at both of them to turn it down. Some people actually go to sleep before midnight.

Prep work is about to begin on this evening's Surf & Turf dinner: home-made seafood pierigi and three racks of ribs. The ribs will be put in the smoker for a few hours and then finished on the grill. The pierogi will be boiled then cooked on a flat top with butter.

My view from here is trees and a bonfire and four-wheelers and bicycles and animal tracks and tents.

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