Friday, June 17, 2011

Memories. A Photo.

I remember when this place used to be a 7-11.

Now it's a Laundry Lounge, whatever that is.

My friend used to live around the corner and his step-dad used to send us over to pick him up cartons of cigarettes or six-packs of beer. We were thirteen. We used to buy Super Big Gulps with the change and chug them down before we got home so he didn't know we were spending his money on non essential items like a 64 ounce slushy.

A few years later, after my friend's mother left his step-dad, we would hang out in front and ask "old guys" to buy us six-packs of Red Dog.

Now this place is a Laundry Lounge. I wonder if kids hang out in front trying to get "old" people to buy them fabric softener.

I bet the Laundry Lounge doesn't have a Big Gulp machine.
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