Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Memories and Chronic Nostalgia. Again.

All it took was three pictures posted on facebook and my mind went immediately back to that place and that time. I was a teenager. I was in high school. I was loving life and I was indestructible.

I've thought about the girl who posted the pictures off and on the past seventeen or so years, especially when the movie "Jurassic Park" comes on. We went to see it together when she was visiting her cousin about seventeen or so years ago.

Wow. Has it been that long? It doesn't feel that long ago. Although the person in those three pictures that is supposed to be me does look like a stranger.

Maybe not a stranger as much as someone I used to know.

I met this girl at a picnic. We swam together in Lake Erie. She came over to my house for a pool party with some of my friends. She beat me in basketball in the driveway. We went on a double date to the movies. We both fell asleep about half-way through the movie. And then she was gone. I wrote her a couple letters after she went back home, but I don't remember ever hearing back from her. Maybe she just wanted our time together to just be a summer fling. Or maybe I wrote her address wrong on the envelope.Whatever the reason, I haven't seen her since that summer. In person.

That's one of the reasons I love and hate facebook all at the same time. I get to reconnect with long lost friends, but I also get to see people that I have sad or bad or upsetting memories of. There's a lot of "what if..?" memories on my facebook.

But when I saw those pictures, I remembered her touch and her smell and what I wore when I first met her.
Chronic Nostalgia will do that to you.

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