Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reunion Evening Surprise

It was a reunion just like the rest. We met at the hall and visited and waited for the late-comers and then we ate. We gossiped and chatted and laughed. We had pulled pork and baked chicken and hobo beans.

Like I said, it was a usual reunion day. After the reunion was over my cousin and I stopped at a bar to pick up beer. The laws in Pennsylvania do not allow you to buy beer at every corner store. Bars and beer distributors only. Any one is only permitted to carry out twelve beers at a time. Needless to say we made a couple trips in and out.

We went back to my cousin's house and we had a fire. We cooked hot dogs and s'mores. The kids caught fire flies. We gossiped and we laughed and the oldsters told stories of when they were younger. It was a great night.

Then, just as I fell asleep, there was a stir upstairs. Then a rapid knock. And then I heard my cousin Missy's husband say, "Mary? I think we need to go to the hospital!" Mary grabbed the appropriate supplies and the three of them headed out the door.

Missy's due date was a week ago and she was hoping that the baby would let her go to both of the reunions. She was hoping that baby would stay in her belly forever.

She had the baby five minutes after waddling into the hospital.

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