Sunday, December 4, 2011


What good have you done in 2011? Where do you really shine? What have you done that makes you proud of yourself?

That last phrase is odd to me. I never really considered being proud of myself.

I mean, I guess I have been proud of myself, but it just never occurred to me to think that way. And I'm not trying to feel bad for myself or anything right now either.

Getting back to the question. The easy answer is to just talk about the things I do as a teacher. My classroom is not filled with your typical students. Non-traditional students is what most people call them. This is their third or fourth try at attempting to be successful at something, and I help them with that.

But what have I done outside of work that is something I could be proud of?

I swear to God I'm drawing a blank. I started this blog yesterday (12/03) and now it is today, and I still can't think of anything. Is it sad that I can't think of one thing? Is it possible that I don't really shine? Have I done no good this year at all? Is being a teacher enough?

This makes me friggin' sad. Just when I thought that I was on the right path and doing well, I hit a brick wall. It's like take three steps backward after moving forward for so long.

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