Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Buffalo Heat Wave

It's a balmy forty-something here in Buffalo, NY.

The snow banks are shrinking, but they're all ugly and grey/black in spots and the slight sun peeking through just reveals the layers of salt on everyone's cars.
In other words, it's just warm enough to be gross.

Most everyone are still in heavy coats, but without the constricting gloves and touques. It's not quite driving-with-the-windows-down weather, but it's not heat-on-full-blast either. Many car stereos can be heard on the streets.
You know when you want to go grow your hair out and you have that awkward in-between stage of hair and people look at you like "what's with that?"?

That's how Buffalo is right now.

And all I can think is how I wouldn't mind the feeling of a sunburn across my face and chest and stomach right now.

It's slightly uncomfortable with a tshirt on, and you want to soak in The Gulf or swim in the pool to relieve the pain.

I wouldn't mind that right about now.
That and a cold beer on a street-side patio.

In other words, this weather is just a tease.

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