Friday, February 11, 2011

Rude, In My Opinion

I am sitting in a room with a television. But the TV is not on, since I'm reading. I'm not reading a magazine or the newspaper. I'm reading a book.

This could be anywhere: a living room, a waiting room, Radio Shack.

To me, reading a book takes more concentration than a magazine or the newspaper. Maybe I'm strange that way. Most people can read articles with the television or radio on, or with conversations going on around them. But not while reading a book.

All of a sudden someone walks into the room and turns on the television.

Seriously? You can't watch your soap opera somewhere else? You have to do this HERE?

Let me ask a question:
Is it just as rude to turn off the TV as it was to turn it on? Would I be seen as the bad guy if I walked over & shut the damn thing off?

I mean, she is watching it as much as I was NOT watching it.

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