Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Hole On The Wall, or Why an Old Man Bar is the Best.

Many people under the age of forty-five try to steer clear of those "neighborhood" bars or the "old man" bars. Maybe because the bars seem un-fun or scary or something, but in my opinion they are the best bars to frequent.

I used to be of the opinion that I didn't belong in these establishments. I am an outsider. The regulars would shun me or ask me to leave. But when I finally visited one, I realized I couldn't be further from the truth.

First of all, these bars have VERY LITTLE overhead, so the drinks are very cheap. Second of all, the patrons of these facilities are The Working Men. The factory worker who's worked the line for twenty years. The security guard who sits all day in a shack. The truck driver who has been on the road all week.
These guys know what's going on in their city. They know the dirt. They have the inside track on a possible job.

They are also more friendly than you may think. It helps if the 1st couple times you visit the bar you buy a round or two for these guys. It's not that expensive since the drinks are only about two bucks each, so don't worry about that. And be cool about it. Don't make a big deal about buying the drinks. Just pull the bartender over and tell her.
In the long run you'll be better off. You'll reap the benefits.

So, readers, your homework is to find a neighborhood bar, stop in around 4pm-ish, and stay for a few hours. Maybe go a couple times this week and next and see how it feels.
If you don't enjoy it, fine. But at least you will have seen how the better half lives.

Comment on this blog once you've completed your homework.

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