Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Apology Needed

I complain a lot.
If this is a turn-off, I'm sorry.

But really I'm not.

I think I have problems. I have in my mind a way things should be and the way i want things to happen, and if they don't go the way I envisioned them, it's upsetting. And then I complain.

Everyone is like this, though, right?

I can't be alone here. But now I have this platform to complain and moan and whine and scream and yell and it seems more real for some reason. I can look back at all my complaints and my bad moods and my depressed ramblings. I'm not 100% sure that's a good thing.

Is it good to be able to look back at your moods?
Have you ever read your old journals or diaries? It's scary! I always thought that when I eventually died that all my journals would be published. There would be someone out there that would go through them and take all the curse words out of them and then publish them for everyone to read to see how deep I was. To see how brilliant I was. To see how ahead of the curve I was.

To see how emotional and jaded I was more like it.

I don't mean to complain. I wish I could look on the bright side of things. I wish I could see the glass as half full. But my brain or my soul or my eyes don't work that way.

College students should have good grammar.
Drivers should use their blinkers.
If I leave you a message, you should respond in a timely manner.
The snow should stay away after February.
People should look where they're going.
Everyone should show up on time.
If something is broken, it should get fixed.
People should park between the lines.
Etc., etc., etc.

Am I wrong?

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