Monday, March 7, 2011

Teasing Sun

I feel the need to bust out my shorts from storage. Maybe it's the fact that the sun has been shining all day. Maybe it's the fact that my apartment is so warm today.

I should mention that I haven't looked or gone outside yet today.

Maybe it's the time of year. This time last year I was on the beach in Florida. And the year before that. My body has been rebelling against the cold and snow for months & this tease of sun is just messing with my mind. With my body. With my soul.

If I could have it one temperature all the time, forever, I would make it partly cloudy and seventy seven degrees. And if it could stay around one o'clock in the afternoon, that would be even better. I love having the sun high in the sky. Not too hot & humid, but warm enough to wears shorts & a tshirt.

I wish I could have my bare feet in the warm sand. I wish I could trace my footsteps from one length of the beach to the other. I wish I could feel the sun on my face, my back, my chest. I love smelling the salty water. I love tasting frosty blender beverages. I love hearing the crash of the waves in the Gulf.

I need to end this now before I get too depressed.
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