Monday, March 14, 2011

This Weather and These Women

When the temperatures start getting into the fifties, my body starts looking forward to patio weather. That way, by the time the weather gets into the mid-60s, I am all ready to enjoy beers outdoors.

I realize that it is not even in the 50s yet, but it was sunny today, so my car is warm. The warmth in my car messed with my internal drinking clock.

As I drove through Niagara Falls to go from work to school, I had to make a conscious effort to NOT drive past my bar. I had to go out of the way so that my car didn't instinctively take me for beers. And even though my car is patio-less, just the sight of it might have put me in the mood for a cold one.

"Chaz, I think you might have a problem."

After the work day I had, I had to try even harder today to go directly to school without making a beverage stop. I have a serious problem when there is a breakdown of communication. It is very frustrating when everyone doesn't just talk to each other. I am usually pretty good getting people to open up and tell me what's what, but today it was hard work. It doesn't help that I'm the New Kid at work.

I wish everyone could just speak their mind (in a civil tone). Things would be so much easier that way.

Needless to say, work was a bit stressful. And I could have used a beer.

And I do not have a problem working with women. I'll be honest: I am not used to working with all women, but I don't hate it. It is definitely different than working with all men (like at my last job), but it's not impossible. To be honest, I think I prefer to work with women, but I'm not sure if they feel the same way. Sometimes it's hard to read women.

But I'm a professional. I'm a grown up. I think I can do it.
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