Monday, March 7, 2011

A Question. A Discussion.

Is being predictable a bad thing?

Isn't being predictable better than the opposite?

If you were dating someone or married to someone or best friends with someone, would you like to have a good idea what they were going to do next or be completely in the dark about their next move?

I know being predictable sounds boring and being spontaneous is a more likeable quality, but I am not 100% sure being unpredictable is such a positive thing to look for in a friend or mate. But obviously this is just my opinion. If you'd rather hang out with someone who changes his evening rituals each night, go for it. If you enjoy trying to guess which side of the bed your girl friend is going to sleep on, be my guest. If you like dating a guy who goes from watching figure skating to playing a first person shooter video game to writing poetry to making chicken soup from scratch, more power to you.

But you may want to ask yourself why they are acting so randomly.

Maybe you'd be better off with a friend or significant other who follows the same daily patterns.

Am I wrong?
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