Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Too Much & Not Enough

Since my hours have been cut down to half of what I'd like them to be at my job, I started looking for work in my spare time.

I am not a fan of pounding the pavement or doing job searches online. I just get so frustrated with the whole process.
I thought the internet was supposed to make everything immediate. Then why don't employers hire within seconds of receiving your resume? Or at least email you back for a webchat interview or something.
And people complain all the time about how technology has ruined face-to-face contact and real conversations, but have you gone into a business lately asking if they were hiring? The employees look at you like you're crazy. Jobs don't even want you to mail paper resumes or applications anymore.

My problem is that I have too many ideas. I watch television and I see different commercials or news stories about things and I think, "I bet I could do that. I wonder if my degree in education would help me get hired. I don't have experience doing that but I bet I could learn very quickly!"

My other problem is that I care too much. I get angry about the state of the educational system in this state, in this country. I get upset when I hear that the low-socio-economic neighborhoods get the least attention but need the most help. I want to run out and tell them to hire me. I want to run out and tell them I'll give them the attention they need. I want to find the organization that is out there to help the less fortunate and show them I have the experience and the passion to help those who need the help.

But these organizations are run on grant money. My last two jobs have been for non-profits. The theory is that the worse the economy is, the more people give to not-for-profit organizations. And while that may be true in theory, at a certain point people are in such dire straits that they CAN'T give to charities.

I'd love to work to help the less fortunate, but I can't afford to live on little or no money. And the government is too busy fighting three wars and trying to balance the budget to worry about the low socioeconomic neighborhoods.

Until it's election time.
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