Saturday, January 22, 2011

Entry Eighteen

I just can't win.

I had it all planned out. Even though I only slept for a few hours last night, I was going to force myself to stay awake and then go to bed at ten o'clock tonight (I know a 10pm bed time on a Saturday is early. I'm an old man at 34, what can I say?), and I'd be all set. I'd be back to normal.

But then I was invited to watch the Syracuse Orangemen basketball at a local Irish pub. And I had a few beers, and the Orange ended up getting beat, so I had a couple more beers than I planned, and I had a beef on weck sandwich, and by the time I got home... IKEA couch was like kryptonite. I was useless against its power.

Two hours later, when I woke up, u was completely refreshed and completely NOT tired.

So much for sleeping through the night.

I wonder if watching the Orange play at an Irish pub was bad luck?
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