Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Entry Three

I'm not really a big video game person. This makes me an oddity to many of my friends and family. Don't get me wrong-- I like, no, LOVE technology and all that comes along with it-- but I just never got into video games.

I grew up with a Commodore 128, not an Atari. I had a baseball game on there and some roll-playing game, but mostly it was used to learn how to type and to make obnoxious homemade signs and greeting cards (printed on a dot-matrix printer!).

So when I visit with my friends, or I go to a family party and we get to the inevitable "so now what?" point in the day, I always stray away from the Wii or XCube or Nintendo or GameBox.

I don't need video games to have a good time.

Besides, I like games you can have a conversation while playing: Gin Rummy or Monopoly or Uno or Candyland are cool with me. This probably makes me seem like a square. Or an Amish. Or a Ludditte. But what will you do if the power goes out?

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