Sunday, January 23, 2011

Entry Twenty

I was thinking all day about what my entry 20 post would be about. It's twenty, so it should be a big deal, right? A milestone of some kind?


If 20 was a big deal, we'd be able to drink when we were that age.
Not that I'm saying Entry Twenty One will be a bigger deal.

I spent most of today at a family gathering. A holiday dessert party. In other words I spent most of today hearing about aches and pains, the best place to store your parent or grandparent, and which friends and family members have died or are on Death's Door.

Good times.

And there were a boat load of desserts. Cakes, pies, jello molds, cookies, cupcakes, strudels, etc.
The last thing ANYONE in our family needs is more dessert, but "it's the holidays!"

Wait, what?

It's almost February. "The Holidays" are over. The rule should be: A week after New Year's Day the terms "Happy Holidays," "Happy New Years," and "the holidays" should NOT be permitted. No exceptions.

Am I right?
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