Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Entry Two (part 1)

I'm early. That's no surprise if you know me. I got in my car at 1:45pm for a four o'clock appointment at NCCC. The weather in Buffalo is snowy and cold, so I wanted to warm my car up & wait for the snow to melt off it.

If you've ever seen my snow brush, you'd understand.

I was nervous on my way here. Not because of the interview, but for everything leading up to it.

What if the roads were bad? What if my car breaks down and I have to walk 45 miles? What if a semi jack-knifes and I'm put behind schedule?

The roads turned out to be fine, so I set the cruise control for five miles over the speed limit (getting pulled over would NOT have helped!) and set off for the college.

About five miles from my appointment I got stuck behind a pick-up carrying lumber. I gave him some room because all I could imagine was one of the 2X4s flying through my windshield.
That would have set me behind schedule, I think.

I'm not really nervous about the interview or the ten minute lesson I have to present, but if they don't have a dry-erase board in the room we're in, I'm going to have to improvise!

More soon.
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