Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What would you do if all technology just stopped working?

I know I would need to find a new way to wake up in time for work.

I guess first things first is we should define "technology." In my opinion technology is anything that runs on electricity or a battery or an engine. So what are you left with?

No phones.
No televisions.
No lights.
No cars.
No clocks.
No mp3 players.

It's a good thing there wouldn't be any automobiles because the traffic lights would be out of order. The only way to travel would be on foot or on bicycle. The only way we would have to communicate with each other is face to face. Or passing notes.
How would we tell time?

Would life as we know it fall apart? Would the crime rates go up? Or would we go back to the "olden days"? Would we be a closer-knit society?

Could the shops in the Elmwood Village stay open? The coffee shops would need to find a new (or old!) way to make coffee. The hairdressers & barbers would need to cut (no pun intended!) some of what they offer. No more perms. No more blow drying. The dry cleaners would have to close up all together, yes?

Think of your daily schedule. How often do you use something that runs on a battery, on electricity, or a motor?

I think I would need to invest in a rooster. Or three.
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