Saturday, January 15, 2011

Entry Eleven

What is the greatest place in Buffalo?
I mean, I know why people like Buffalo: the people. And the fact that houses & apartments are so cheap.

But what is the best place in this fine city?

I used to say Caffe Aroma. But now that I don't work there anymore, I have kind of moved on. It's small and it's snobby and... half of that is why I loved it so much.

Could HSBC Arena be the best place? The Sabres are a great team, but is that because of where they play? I think not. Besides, everytime I think of the Arena, I miss The Aud just a little bit more.

I guess Elmwood Village is a place. But it's a collection of places really. Can the entire village be the best place in Buffalo if it includes a fast-food coffee shop and a handful of empty high-rent storefronts? Elmwood Village ten years ago was better. Smaller, yes, but definitely less high-end and trendy.

Hertel Avenue reminds me a lot of what Elmwood used to be. Or what Allen could be. Just with more Italians. The locally owned shops and restaurants, the old-fashioned movie theater (that still shows indie and art-house films!), and the combination of new and old architecture is a great draw for locals. But it's hard to tell out-of-towners about it because it's not really near any hotels.

The Old Pink is great. But dirty. And anyone over 30 has had enough late nights at The Pink to last a lifetime.

Fayretty's is cool, but only when it's warm out. The same with Cozumel. Or anywhere with a decent patio.

Speaking of bars, could Chippewa be considered the best place in Buffalo? It's pretty popular on weekends and after a Sabres game and after Thursday At The Square. But again, it's mostly for the under-30 crowd, yes?

Should I be throwing places under the bus because I'm "too old" to enjoy them? I must admit my favorite place in Buffalo no longer exists. It's literally a hole in the ground. I enjoyed my younger days there and I feel as if I'd still be hanging out on Franklin near West Huron if that club wasn't run into the ground, left empty for over four years, and then used as a make-shift shelter and dumpster by vagrants, and then eventually torn down.

So what is YOUR vote for The Best Place in Buffalo? Is it somewhere that's still standing and in operation (as opposed to my vote!)? Why does it get your vote?
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