Monday, January 10, 2011

Entry Seven

I'm really not sure how much more can go wrong. I lost a job that I loved in June. I spent every single day of the rest of the summer & early fall looking for work, applying for jobs, sending out resumes and applications, digitally pounding the pavement.
Big jobs, small jobs, part-time & full-time. Jobs I wanted and jobs that would pay the bills.

I just want to work as a teacher. And be able to pay my bills. On time. And maybe save a little cash-money for an eventual vacation. Or new car. I have never owned a new car. Is that odd for an almost mid-30s-something?
The problem is that I hate money. I hate what it does and I hate what it stands for. I hate that the world revolves around it and thus my life revolves around it too.

I would give anything to live a life where I wouldn't NEED money. I'm not saying I want to give away everything and walk the earth It something. I just wish there was something other than money.

Maybe we can go back to the barter system? I'll teach your children if you clean my teeth and supply me with food & shelter!
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