Sunday, January 16, 2011

Entry Twelve

I just finished watching the Golden Globes.
Of the three or four movies I actually saw in the theater this year, they all were nominated. I have a pretty good record (films seen to films nominated) this year!

The movies I've seen in the theater in the past year:

The Social Network.
The King's Speech.
Alice in Wonderland.

I think that's it. It's a pretty sad list. I mean, I went to Film School for crying out loud. I am embarrassed that I've only seen four movies in the theater all year.

We have to fix that for 2011.

The Golden Globes have taught me a few things:

I need to see "The Kids Are All Right."
"Burlesque" still appears to be unwatchable.
Robert Downey Jr. Is turning into my generation's Jack Nicholson.

I am VERY happy that two artists I have been a fan of for years and years won awards tonight: Aaron Sorkin and Trent Reznor. They both worked on "The Social Network": Mr. Sorkin wrote the script and Mr. Reznor wrote the score (with Atticus Ross). It's always nice when someone you love gets recognition for their talents.

I can't believe "I'm Still Here" wasn't nominated for anything!
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